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Preparing your home for the Ultimate Goal...Sold!

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Selling your home quickly in the current market takes a combination of proper pricing... preparation...and market strategy.The asking prices for other homes that are listed for in the area should not determine the listing price of your home.

The actual amount a home sells for reflects a home's actual value. Comparing the current selling prices of similar homes in the area and then making appropriate adjustments for any improvements and additional features your home might or might not have will better position your home for a timely sale. Preparation for sale doesn't only mean removing family photos or painting the kitchen....but involves proper use of space and light to create a welcoming environment for home buyers.

Putting in brighter & higher watt light bulbs....opening window shades and curtains....and lowering or raising the thermostat to make your home more comfortable to prospective buyers will help how your home is perceived. Proper media placement of marketing materials and the words chosen to describe your home can make a huge difference between a home buyer becoming interested or moving on to another listing.

Placing a sign in your yard and waiting for people to visit is just not enough. Call us for a no cost obligation review of how we will help you reach your ultimate goal...and that’s to sell your home.

Using our experience and knowledge of the local market......we will develop a strategy that will sell your home as quickly as possible ...for the best possible price ...and with the least possible inconvenience to you. Buyers are out just have to find them. Generating interest while building additional perceived value will lead to a faster sale.

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Neal Bloom

With over 20yrs experience in Real Estate, Neal Bloom is a top notch REALTOR® specializing in the sale of real estate in Weston, Pembroke Pines, Boynton Beach, Davie, Cooper City, Sunrise, Coral Spri....

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