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Turning dirty door knobs could be hazardous to your health

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I'm primarily a listing agent but lately, but I’ve worked with more buyers the over the last few years. I discovered a new problem that most people don't even think about ...and that’s catching potentially dangerous germs from touching a doorknob.There are times whenI’ve worked with buyers, where I might have to show them multiple properties before they see something they might be interested in. Most of the properties that I show them are vacant and all I really need is a combination or code to the lock-box, but you still need to turn a door knob to gain entry into the property.

Now folks you might want to put on your thinking caps. Did you ever think about how many different door knobs you might open in one day? It could be one or it could be ten. And if you end up spending a lot of time with could end up opening a lot of doors. One thing that many agents don't realize is that a door knob is usually exposed to many elements and germs every time it is touched by someone. It’s highly doubtful that those knobs are cleaned off after they are touched. Think about it, when you have a property listed, do you make sure the knob is cleaned off each and every day? I was even thinking about this scenario, You go to the rest room in a food establishment and once you are done you wash and dry your hands and now you are clean, but what I bet most people do not realize is, as soon as you touch the outgoing door, you are usually picking up more germs from the last person, thus you need to wash again.

Door knobs are dirty and could carry many other diseases.

I'm sure that there are agents and their clients out there who would never even think about going to wash their hands after turning so many door knobs. We all get busy and we don't think about it.

Here's a few examples of what could happen...a few years ago this young couple wanted to see everything on the market in a specific area. They planned on being in town for two weeks and I thought that if I showed them everything available, they would make an offer. I spent two weeks and showed them approximately 40 properties. Within a few days after showing them throat became scratchy and I developed a really bad cold that lasted for about 3 weeks. Another time I was out making my rounds in a neighborhood where I had a few listings and all of them were vacant, so I checked all the properties to make sure they were secure, fast forward two days later...I started to develop another cold. Could it be just a coincidence? Sure, but since I live in Florida and it's normally very warm and humid most of the time...there is a greater chance to pick up a bug. Germs love to grow here and that's why I'm just telling people to be careful.

You just never know who has touched that door knob before you did or where their hands were. I'm sure you won't find many people waxing their door knobs or cleaning them on a regular basis unless they are a germ freak.

Here are a few suggestions to make our lives easier if you can't find any soap and water.

  • Try to avoid touching your nose or eyes.

  • Keep a box of sanitary wipes in your car. They are a great way to fight germs. I give them out to my clients after we are finished previewing the homes.

  • Keep a small bottle of bacterial hand lotion with you.

  • Some Lysol will help reduce the germs you might be carrying on your clothes

I know some of this sounds silly, but it’s a good way to avoid unwanted germs or diseases.

Be safe!

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