Why A Seller Needs A Realtor ® Now More Than Ever

Dated: 12/28/2017

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Sellers need Realtors®now more than ever. The question is ...do they want a professional who is going to aggressively market their property, price it within their range of value and give them the superior service they deserve or are they just looking for an order taker?

Recently....I've noticed that there are homeowners that are still trying to sell their properties on their own and I wonder if this makes sense.I believe that sellers need to expose their homes everywhere anywhere possible. Trying to sell on their own may be a good idea at first but as time goes by, you could be losing your motivation, your expenses and possibly even value. Every month a property sits on the market is another month of paying property taxes and or maintenance fees, as well as other miscellaneous expenses. Eventually your showings become limited and offers that were coming in, are coming in way below what the homeowner anticipated.

As you can see, trying to sell on your own does have its limits. First, they eliminate thousands of Realtors® who may have buyers waiting for just the right home by excluding theirs, because it is not offered through the multiple listing service. There is less of a chance for a potential buyer to see a home being sold that isn’t listed for sale with a Realtor because most consumers looking to purchase a home will use a licensed Realtor to help them with their search. Before they consider hiring a Realtor to show them homes, most buyer’s first stop will be by searching the internet for properties and of course, they are directed to a licensed Realtors website to do their search. This makes it much easier and usually reduces their search time. We can even set them up with automatic custom searches sent to them so that they have everything at their fingertips.

At least in my area of Florida, when a seller puts out their own open house sign, there isn’t much data to go by other than the address. Rarely do I ever see a price posted on the sign. You might see a phone number and address and how many bedrooms and baths the home has but that’s usually about it. Let’s face it, most consumers will look for a list price first, before they waste time looking at something that isn’t in their price range. By using our search technology, the consumer will receive the requested information within minutes and can then make a faster determination whether or not it fits their needs.

Next, sellers are exposing themselves to the emotional roller coaster of opening their home to a host of unqualified strangers, again lengthening their time on the market, trying to negotiate to a reasonable price, giving up their weekends to host those open houses and wondering if they are advertising and exposing it in all the right places.

Do they have websites that reach thousands of potential buyers 24 hours a day? There are other arrangements that need to be coordinated. Who will hold the deposit, arrange financing, appraisals, closing, moving dates, and inspections? Who will be in charge of keeping both parties on the right path towards a smooth and successful closing? We won't even talk about the buyers who are desperately seeking owner assistance or they become the weekend shoppers who just needed something to do. It makes sense for them to protect one of the most important investments they've made.

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Neal Bloom

With over 20yrs experience in Real Estate, Neal Bloom is a top notch REALTOR® specializing in the sale of real estate in Weston, Pembroke Pines, Boynton Beach, Davie, Cooper City, Sunrise, Coral Spri....

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Why A Seller Needs A Realtor Now More Than Ever

Sellers need Realtors®now more than ever. The question is ...do they want a professional who is going to aggressively market their property, price it within their range of value and give them

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